Direct Deposit Authorization Form


Please fill out the following form with your direct deposit information so you can get paid.

*You will be given the option to sign up for Express Invoicing which you will receive your invoice and will deposit funds into your account up to 5 days sooner.

*Please make sure this form is filled out at least 7 business days before you are to be paid or there will be a delay in your deposit as it take that much time for the bank to approve your account.

*You may also use this form if you are changing an existing account. Remember to fill it out at least 7 business days before you are to be paid. So the best time to update your banking information is right after your most recent deposit. Once you have filled out the form send an email to to advise of the change.

By submitting this form, I authorize Complex Inform LLC to initiate credit and, if necessary, debit entries and adjustments for any credit entries in error, directly to the bank account(s) indicated below and to correct any errors that may occur from these transactions. I also authorize the financial institution to credit or debit these amounts from these accounts. This authorization will remain in force until the Complex Inform LLC receives written notice from me to cancel or change this authorization and has a reasonable opportunity to act on it. NOTE: After providing authorization for direct deposit, all funds specified will be deposited directly to your bank account unless this agreement is terminated or amended by written notification. It is the contractor's responsibility to notify the offices above in writing. If a change to your bank account occurs without Complex Inform LLC receiving written notification, a delay in the receipt of funds will occur (up to 5 business days). If funds are direct deposited to your account in error, Complex Inform LLC may initiate a debit transaction against the account to recover/remove the funds. NOTE: All payments to you from Complex Inform LLC will be deposited into the same account at your financial institution. Verify with your financial institution on your pay date that your direct deposit has gone into effect—the institution name will not appear on your earnings statement.

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